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Miklós Laczkovich - Professor
Miklós Laczkovich (born 21 February 1948) is a Hungarian mathematician mainly noted for his work on real analysis and geometric measure theory. His most famous result is the solution of Tarski's circle-squaring problem in 1989.
Valentin Blomer
Valentin Blomer (born in Munich) is a German mathematician working on analytic number theory. His main research areas are: number theory, in particular analytic number theory, automorphic forms, L-functions, quadratic forms.
vilas winstein
Assistant Research Fellow
Vilas Winstein is a student researcher studying sparse graph limits and his research focuses on spectral problems about graphings.
Miklós Abért - Senior Research Fellow
Senior Research Fellow
Miklós Abért is interested in measured and asymptotic group theory, in particular spectral theory of graphs and groups, local sampling convergence, graph polynomials, stochastic processes on groups, rank gradient, invariant random subgroups, homology growth, sofic entropy, cellular automata and locally symmetric spaces.
03/09/2022 - 03/09/2022
Rényi Institute, Main Lecture Hall

15.15-16.00: Reception

16.00-16.45: Introductory talk by Vilas Winstein

17.00-18.00: Main lecture