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2021.12.01. - 2021.12.01.
Rényi Institute, Main Lecture Hall
This talk aims at providing an introduction to some concepts from singularity theory, and in particular singularities of complex surfaces, and their relation to lowdimensional topology.
2021.11.03. - 2021.11.03.
Rényi Institute, Main Lecture Hall
In the first part of the talk we will provide a fairly complete proofs of the 2-squares Theorem (Fermat), the 4-squares theorem (Lagrange) and of the 3-squares theorem (Gauss/Legendre). In the second part, we will describe the shape of the set of such representations.
2021.10.20. - 2021.10.20.
Rényi Institute, Main Lecture Hall
We survey some basic results in geometric graph theory and highlight some open problems whose solution may be within reach.