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The goal of Budapest Graduate Seminar is to deepen the already existing collaboration among the PhD program of the Eötvös University and the PhD program of the Technical University of Budapest.

Each semester 6-7 meetings are organized. In a meeting, a specific branch of mathematics is presented to a general mathematical audience (i.e. no expertise is required) in two lectures. One of these two lectures is delivered by a distinguished mathematician of the field, and aims to give a broad perspective in the subject. Before this, the other lecture exposes a more narrow aspect, a few examples or applications to help the audience to become comfortable with the notions of the area.

The venue of the meetings is the Main Lecture Hall of the Rényi Institute, but broadcasts will be available via the zoom platform. If the pandemic situation allows it, a small reception is organized (with pizza, sandwiches, etc.).

Lectures are 16.00-18.00 on certain Wednesdays. The receptions start at 15.15.